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Chicago Model Exposition

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Date:October 22th-25th , 2010
Sponsor site: Rosemount International Exhibition Center,Chicago,USA
Exhibition scale: 284 Exhibitors & 9,000 Professional visitors
All kinds of models,model planes,model trains,slot bus,model rockets,sub-micro models, special type models
R/C models: planes, boats, bus and so on
Models, plastic models and accessories, wireless controller, electronic components
Various of tools, kit boxes,bond
Scene, educational games, publications
Electronic toys,action figure,robots
Chicago Model Expo. is one of the most famous model exposition in the world, together with Nuremberg Toy Fair in Europe, are considered as two great events in the model industry worldwide.
It is the biggest model fair in North American Markets and also the wind vane of model industry and technology. The trade volume of International toy is about 55 billion US dollars, globe toy markets increase by 5% annually. America and Europe are two consume markets in the world, and also two big toy import countries and regions in the world, Annually 12 billion and 8 billion US dollars separately.
There are data displays, among the toys imported by USA,1/3 from China; 50% toys in the European and American markets are from China,1/3 of the products are form China in the worldwide markets.
Currently,40% of the toys mainly model toys are designed for adults in Europe and America. American toy markets are very mature, early before the year 1913 there was Aeromodelling Team built in local places, In 1936,American national areomodelling institute was found. Nowadays,there are more than 1,000 basic clubs,more than 100,000 members. Currently, in China there are toy companies who owns compatibility internationally entered American markets by iHobby.
The biggest model exposition in North America, one of the most influential model expositions in the world
The wind vane of model industry and new technology

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