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 After-Sales Service

      We expect dealers to provide good after sales service, and repair where appropriate or return to PZ Servo for service.

      Individual Sales Policy

We have notified all users in different countries to buy our products from our dealers in their countries. We consider that this is the most desirable way to supply our product at the best prices, and we appreciate the support of our dealers to promote and protect the PZ Servo products. However, where our products are not available through normal retail outlets such as local hobby shops, or where dealers are either unable or unwilling to sell direct or to provide adequate customer support, PZ Servo reserves the right to sell direct to individual customers. Such sales will of course incur cost penalties to such customers due to the small order sizes and costs of postage or other delivery methods.


       We adopt T/T payment methods. After we receive your payment, we will arrange shipment. All banking charges and interest are charged to purchasers.

      Secrecy and Anti-counterfeit

      In order to maintain our products' performance and quality, we have taken a closed-door policy for our products to guarantee that our product technology will not be copied
but we can't be certain that there will not be counterfeits. We will take effective measures to preserve intellectual property rights under the help of correlative law terms. We list the entire range of permitted OEM brands on our website. To those who do OEM without our permission, we would take the matter to court and prosecute.

      Warranty Procedure

      As long as you choose to use PZ Servo products, you can enjoy the warranty service that we provide. Please print our Repair Request Form (.PDF, .DOC) , and fill it out in its entirety, being as comprehensive as possible, in order to receive the best possible service.

      Warranty Period

      All PZ Servo products are warranted against defects for a period of one(1) year from the date of purchase. During this period we will repair or replace (at our discretion) any defective products. You should always retain your original receipt as proof of the date of purchase. 

      What's Covered?

      The warranty covers any manufacturer's defects, but does not cover damages caused by acts of God, misuse, abuse, negligence, crash damage, improper installation or damages caused by alteration by unauthorized persons.

      How Long Will it Take to get Repair Done?

      Generally we can ship a repair back within 10 days of receipt (excluding shipping time). Unfortunately we can't always accomplish this due to the situation of material in stock. You can always contact our service department info@pz-servos.com or call (0086) 789-82087859 to find out the current turnaround time.


      E-mail orders are acceptable. Your e-mail could be refused occasionally because of internet problems. Please wait for our confirmation after you send the e-mail out. If you don't get our confirmation after more than 2 workdays, please send the mail again.

      Privacy Policy

      We will not offer any of your information to any third party (company or personal) unless we get your permission or request.

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